Project Management

Altrad Services has, internally, developed a unique project planning and management method, to be used to provide services to industry.

Our method integrates all our disciplines and solutions, whilst covering all types of subject, from the simplest to the most complex, not only for new construction work, but also for maintenance issues.

Our approach is based upon a manual of best practices, which in turn is organised around 3 principal objectives:

  • To respond to management requirements, based on the increasing size and complexity of the projects we are requested to handle. Our manual defines a set of rules and best practices, allowing us to guarantee the progression and finalisation of major projects, often involving a large number of parties.
  • Drawing the best from our cumulative experience in order to capitalise upon key elements, saving time for our project leaders and therefore for our clients. Our manual is all our own work! Designed by our own project leaders, it is destined to support practical operations.
  • Assuring that our project teams, and their leaders, are in phase with the “state of the art” in terms of project management, thus responding, with rigour, to the precise needs and requirements expressed by our clients.

Concretely, our manual is broken down into five chapters, which follow the logic laid out below:

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