Procurement & Logistics

A Procurement and Logistics approach that both guarantees

quality of service and controls our customers’ costs

The very nature of the projects and contracts managed by the teams of Altrad Services requires an involvement well ahead of the operational start-up of each mission, right from the sourcing phase (equipment, raw materials and consumables).

Accordingly, each project benefits from the support of a team dedicated to purchasing and procurement. The team will seek to optimise costs (including those related to transport and logistics), ensure the quality of installed / applied products, and guarantee the flow of materials while securing minimum available stocks to meet every project milestone.

In parallel to this approach, Altrad Services also relies on its sourcing office, set up more than 10 years ago in Hong Kong, South-East Asia. The office carries out substantive work researching and identifying ever more competitive suppliers, both in terms of costs and quality. Thus, for the most commonly used products on our construction sites, we are able to make purchases on the basis of significant volumes and secure the transport of goods to the four corners of the globe, wherever our projects lead us. Quality control is an integral part of this supply chain service, which is widely praised by our customers.

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