Deployment process

Our projects are always properly designed, prepared and implemented.

Their completion and success rely upon highly skilled and dedicated teams.

Thanks to its long experience in the industrial services field, Altrad Services has the capacity to meet client expectations and constraints, especially when it comes to major project and significant project handling:

  • Simultaneous operations and adaptability: we work on time-critical projects, while coordinating multiple tasks, subcontractors and related interfaces.
  • Operational teams mobilised on short notice: we are experts in mobilising and training large teams to absorb potential peaks of activity and perform large projects on time. We undertake complete supply of skilled manpower and supervision:
    • Our operators, from the foremen to the field workers, follow strict safety guidelines to complete excellent quality works, while protecting themselves from potential hazards.
    • Today, we benefit from a multinational team of professionals who have been evolving, for most of them, in two or three continents, each time for major and complex projects.
  • At Altrad Services, every trade is the subject of a training programme: our supervisors travel all over the world to handle major projects and ensure appropriate training sessions of local workers when necessary:
    • In concrete terms, our operators usually complete formal apprenticeship programmes within workshops where simulations in real conditions are implemented.
    • These internal voluntary authorization programmes help operators prove their skills and knowledge.


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