Group Strategy - 3 questions for Mohed Altrad

What is Altrad today?

Altrad is a world leader in the provision of services to the industry. From the engineering stage to work execution, we propose high added value solutions, mainly in the following sectors: Oil & Gas, energy, power generation, processes, environment and construction. Altrad is also a leader in the manufacture of equipment for the building and construction industry.

What is the direction of the Altrad group's strategy?

Our ambition is to build and be a lasting group. We have therefore moved away from the cyclical spiral of our initial activities and developed our business model to focus on providing services for industry and building a strong international presence. We want to be the world number 1 in industrial services, based on a full range of solutions, while continuing to strengthen our leadership in selected geographic areas.

Every day, we do our best to show our customers how the development of our products, services and solutions portfolio, our geographic presence and our daily performance help to improve our response to their requirements, while applying an operational excellence approach.

What are the factual elements supporting this strategic orientation? What are your main strengths?

We are a solid group, primarily because we have managed to generate diversified and recurring revenues. This forms the reliable foundation that we wanted for our continued development, in order to satisfy our customers, shareholders and investors and to reassure our employees. This was made possible by three factors:

  • International presence (particularly in key markets including Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Asia),

  • A balanced sales mix spread over different business sectors,

  • And, in terms of services, the deliberate choice to position ourselves with 70% of our turnover generated by recurrent maintenance contracts, providing us with the resilience required to maintain the stability of our activities in the medium and long term.

Furthermore, we are consolidating our multi-disciplinary leading position in services for the industry by developing synergies between our various subsidiaries, including those that manufacture equipment and materials. This results in cost savings and organic growth through joint actions between our subsidiaries, creating maximum value for our customers.

Over the next few years, we want to continue to implement this strategy, strengthening our "business development" approach, a way for us to enhance the bonds with our customers, and to continue to develop high added value solutions in collaboration with these customers, in order to anticipate their future needs. We are at their service, which is perfectly illustrated by our rebranding operation, involving full integration of all our subsidiaries, and the "One Altrad" leitmotiv.

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