Street furniture

Street furniture

Street furniture refers to private or public facilities within a city to meet the needs of users.

Altrad responds to the needs of local authorities thanks to a wide range of equipment, materials and colours:

  • Benches and seating: in recycled plastic (rot-proof, guaranteed 20 years, easy to maintain), wood, concrete or metal, highly resistant to impact and bad weather.
  • Picnic tables: made of recycled plastic, wood, concrete, reinforced slats, to be laid or cemented in, optional anti-sawing and anti-vandalism plate making sawing impossible
  • Flower displays: pots, planters, half basins, containers, to enhance parks, gardens or reception halls, concrete range, moulded roto polyethylene fully recyclable, light and impervious to water, frost and heat.
  • Litter bins, waste bag holders: waste sorting range, security waste bag holders, with ashtray, clamps for easy bag insertion and removal.
  • Canine cleanliness: bag rolls or bundles
  • Containers and road-mender's carts
  • Concrete or steel ashtrays
  • Gates, fences, footbridges, gantries: choice of handles and patterns
  • Posts, bollards, limited access, snow removal
  • Cycle racks
  • Bus shelters: with optional bench seat, PMR furniture (shelters without posts to facilitate access for disabled people)

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