Stages and podiums

Stages and podiums

Stages and podiums are a must for festivities and need to be adapted to the environment and intended use.

Thanks to its experience, Altrad has developed a wide range of modular indoor and outdoor structures to easily set up your events:

  • Dismountable podiums and floors: height-adjustable base from 0.90m to 1.54m, optional podium cover, possibility of creating a dance floor by simply purchasing jack base plates.
  • Rolling podiums: delivered with stairs, tarpaulin, frame, floor, floor jack, compass awning assistance.
  • Rolling mini-podiums: easy to move and set up, delivered with roof, side and apron covers, can be towed with a car licence and B+E car and trailer training
  • Indoor podiums: height adjustable by handles without turning the platform over, accessories common to aluminium podiums and podiums with interchangeable feet, non-slip platform
  • Bleachers

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