Sports facilities

Sports facilities

Sport often brings personal fulfilment and social cohesion. Sports amenities facilitate the practice of sport and must be robust while complying with safety standards.

Altrad participates in this development through various outdoor and indoor sports facilities:

  • Table tennis: 4-legged or freestanding model, vandal-proof concrete net, adapted to disabled sports thanks to its offset base.
  • Volleyball, tennis: aluminium or steel posts and net
  • Football: folding goals, 8 players, in steel or aluminium, movable goals 8 players, transportable goals 11 players, goals to be fixed, goalkeeper's shelters
  • Basketball: wall basketball goals, offsets, competition, reinforced regulation circles
  • Handball: goals for outdoor, competition, mobile school goals
  • Mountain bike circuits: logs, trajectories, gantries, jumps, flip-flops, etc.
  • Fitness trail: apparatus and their explanatory panels
  • Skate Park

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