Children's playground

Children's playground

Children's playgrounds are ideal places for fun, where parents and children can interact. They are not without danger and must therefore comply with safety requirements.

Altrad, for whom safety is a priority, has developed children's play equipment that is both fun and meets the strictest safety requirements:

• Spring riders 0-12 years: 1 to 5 places, delivered with an anchoring stool to be fixed in concrete or on a plate (example: dog, goose, seal, vespa, bicycle).
• Slides: upgradeable models, possibility of a second staircase
• Roundabouts: turnstiles
• Gantries: gondolas, swings
• Climbing games: flying footbridge, balancing circuit, liana bridge, climbing wall
• Castles: structures delivered with stair decorations, non-slip floors and steps, 2 to 9 activities
• Stationary awakening games: playful and recreational panels
• Slabs: safety slabs (shock absorbing recycled rubber granules and non-slip) and playground slabs: hopscotch, marble course, etc.
• Playground facilities: age signs, no smoking signs, signs on animals, information for users, etc.
• Picnic tables, baskets, benches

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