Light displays

Light displays

Light displays, mainly installed during the Christmas period, are ot just to brighten not only give a new face to local communities but are also and above all a challenge in order to make these cities more attractive.

Altrad offers a wide range of light displays that will allow you to customize and brighten up the chosen locations:

  • Transversal decorations: delivered with a snap hook attachment system, day and night decoration, customised crossings in the name of your town.
  • Pole mount decorations: delivered with support legs allowing the decoration to be strapped to the pole, can be installed at street crossings
  • Luminous decorations and light garlands: 2D decorations to lay on the ground
  • Garlands and curtains: tree strings, sparkling curtains, flashing lights
  • Lighting decorations: tree spotlights, rope lights, LED projections

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