Multidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding is one of the many types of scaffolding. It is known for its sturdiness and is therefore ideal for heavy masonry and structural work.

Altrad provides multidirectional scaffolding for unlimited fields of use: building shells, finishing work, historical monuments, metal constructions, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, shipyards, entertainment industry, etc.
Altrad offers, in particular:
• Metrix: light guardrail, metric and divisible mesh, circular mounting with angled ledgers, the angle between two adjacent ledgers can be reduced from 44° to 7° on the inside of a shared standard.
• Alumetrix: lightness thanks to the aluminium elements, 2m standard weighing 4kg, 3m ledger weighing 6kg, 3m deck weighing 11kg.
• Multisecu +: the first omnidirectional scaffolding in diameter 45 and centre distance 800, 8-hole rosette, new crossbar with cotter pin and a complete range of accessories.

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