Consoles / Roofer's protection

Consoles / Roofer's protection

Workers have to be protected from the risk of falling when working at height. Console scaffolding helps to prevent these risks and is both a work platform and a temporary protective support during construction and maintenance work.

Altrad demonstrates its commitment to Safety Culture through its masonry consoles with decks or blockers, adapted to all situations and complying with the regulations in force. They enable work to be carried out on any flat or sloping surface up to a maximum slope of ten degrees. The group's consoles are capable of supporting a person leaning on the protection and of stopping a person moving towards the protection device or of interrupting his fall. Their lightness and speed of installation also make them highly adaptable.

Other protection for roofers is also available:

• Quick press, pinion protection and universal protection with post
• Adjustable edge protection using wall bolts and articulated plate screwed onto rafter with cable/ safety sling
• Fixed console and angled console 1m
• Fixed console 2m and 1.50m
• Adjustable console and angled console 1.5 m
• Multi-level ladder and guardrail for collective protection
• Plated guards and guardrail posts
• IPE clamps, screw-on plates, trolleys and accessories
• Formwork protection, drilled protection and adjustment plate

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