Site equipment

Site equipment

To carry out and monitor building construction work, the appropriate site equipment is fundamental for professionals in the sector. Their choice and quality are essential to working in the right conditions and in complete safety.
Thanks to its experience in the building industry, Altrad offers high-quality, sturdy and reliable product ranges. All the equipment offered is designed in accordance with the latest environmental regulations and standards, and when appropriate, it is also towable.

• Formwork base and formwork clamp
• Spiral staircase for structural work
• Trapdoor access deck
• Discharge chute
• Tipping bucket, concrete skip
• Loading skip and shovel
• Palette lift, lifting beam and rubbish sack bin

Wishing to ensure that our customers’ worksites progress in the best possible way, and because safety cannot be compromised, the Altrad Group also offers a wide range of related protective equipment.

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