A concrete mixer is used to make concrete and mix the elements that make up the mortar. Mixers can vary in terms of drum capacity, mixing capacity, or speed of rotation.

Altrad concrete mixers are designed for both private individuals and professionals. For the former, the range with a drum capacity of between 120 and 170 litres is perfectly suitable. For professionals, concrete mixers with manual loading and tilting drum capacity from 120 to 460 litres are ideal. They are available in road-towable or non-towable versions.
Farmers, who also have a demand for mixers, will benefit from the 350 and 450 litre engine-free agricultural dial concrete mixers.
For big construction sites, requiring large volumes of concrete, our mixers equipped with aggregate loaders with hydraulic cylinder will be the most efficient, thanks to their horizontal drum by rotation inversion or classic tilting drum with a capacity of 400 litres up to 800 litres.

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