Our mission

Every day, our teams manufacture and supply the best products and equipment to suit the requirements of the construction and building industry and the public sector.

We create value with our product ranges that enable us to fulfil the individual requirements of each customer.

To ensure the success of all stakeholders, we rely on:

  • Committed, devoted employees,
  • Proven, controlled manufacturing processes,
  • A large dose of innovation.

Customer benefits


Over the years, we have moved on from a service provider approach to a partnership approach, and developed our teams' capacities to integrate customer requirements


Since its creation, Altrad has been committed to a quality approach and a continuous improvement process, involving the group’s design teams, production department and customers


Innovation is present in every area of the group's activity. Altrad thus evolves on the basis of experience feedback, an excellent capacity to reinvent itself and constant R&D efforts


Our production capacity aims to provide customers with optimal service: we identify the factors affecting costs and potential savings opportunities and make suggestions to counter the rising costs of raw materials

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