Scaffold hiring

Through its different entities, the Altrad group is developing a substantial scaffolding rental business, for both industrial and construction sectors, including the renovation of historic monuments.

Our main asset in this field is our proximity to customers, with unrivalled territorial presence and multiple locations, notably throughout Europe, where we can respond to all types of demands, from the simplest to the most complex (shipyards, aeronautical sites, heavy industry, events, etc.).

We have several thousand tonnes of equipment, enabling us to fulfil our customers' requirements quickly, reliably and in compliance with even the strictest safety standards. The Altrad group performs continuous maintenance to ensure that the rented equipment has been properly inspected, conform to customer requirements.

In some regions, our rental offer may be completed by the presence of scaffolding rental customers. The Altrad group also has a wide range of props, shoring towers and formwork systems available to rent.


Altrad proposes attractive solutions to enable customers to use and/or acquire new or second-hand scaffolding, with three financial offers:

  • Leasing: Altrad delivers the equipment acquired by our financial partner, which charges monthly rent in instalments defined according to your requirements. Payments are thus scheduled according to your possibilities and some financial set-ups can even enable tax savings.

  • Financial leasing: This works in the same way as a leasing contract, without the purchase option: the equipment must be returned after the rental period.

  • Rental: Depending on your requirements in terms of equipment type and rental duration, Altrad can propose a contract guaranteeing a reliable, flexible solution.

In all three cases, there are many advantages, notably flexibility in terms of contract duration and periodicity of rental instalments, and the possibility of deducting rent payments from the company's profit. Furthermore, the impact on your balance sheet is zero, because leasing expenses are not entered as debt on the balance sheet.


Engineering & Design

The Altrad group has a number of design offices whose teams of specialist engineers and technicians work on calculations, the design of specific and sometimes complex structures, and project management. If necessary, we can provide technical assistance for the works phase. Our customers can benefit from the technical expertise of our design offices with which our sales team collaborate very early on in the project to ensure that customer requirements are fully understood so that suitable solutions can be proposed.

In all cases, our customers are advised by a single, identified correspondent, who ensures follow-up and provides technical assistance and guidance in choosing the most effective solutions. Using the most recent digital tools, we provide our customers with quality support, including, for example, the preparation of detailed, precise quotations, and 3D previews of scaffolding at the preliminary project stage (accessible via smartphone or virtual reality headsets).



The Altrad group also works hard in the field of research and development (R&D). Our product innovation teams constantly improve our equipment and develop innovations that are tested in actual conditions of use, in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards.

To design these innovative products, our teams use the most professional advanced tools available in our field, enabling the realisation of increasingly effective solutions at highly competitive prices.

We thus provide our customers with our extensive work site expertise and the unlimited capacities of our equipment ranges. However, the R&D department also works on experience feedback and the partnerships built with our customers, enabling the development of products that are perfectly adapted to user requirements. Listening to our customers is a key part of this approach. It has notably enabled us to focus on a highly digitised consulting offer, proposing equipment management tools, 3D design, etc.

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