• BP

Market: Oil & Gas


  • Provision of core services including access, insulation, coatings, passive fire protection and platform services


  • £70M contract as part of the £4.5B development project
  • 1200T scaffold mobilised offshore
  • Peak of 360 employees, 180 PoB
  • 1.5 million manhours LTI free

Major dates:

  • June 2015 to June 2018


  • Largest UKCS Hook Up Project in over twenty years.
  • Clair Ridge is the second phase development of the giant Clair field, located 75 kilometers west of the Shetland Islands.
  • BP is set to use new enhanced oil recovery technology when operations begin at Clair Ridge field, west of Shetland. This means an extra 40 million barrels of oil is expected to be recovered cost-effectively from the field during its lifetime
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