Altrad and Montpellier Hérault Rugby Club

A Local to International Rugby Legacy

Altrad is the major shareholder of Montpellier Hérault Rugby Club (MHR), with Altrad proudly worn on the MHR jersey.

MHR has a unique history since the team’s journey began in the ninetieth century in the South of France. Altrad has been writing a similar legacy in Montpellier, with its beginnings in 1985 paving the way for an inspiring story. The unity of these two legacies, is based on Altrad’s respect for its role within the local community, and the passion its people feel for the local rugby team.

Through its association with MHR, Altrad is proud to share in the team’s success, creating a legacy with the club, its fans and within rugby, whilst retaining the core values that underpin both Altrad and rugby in Montpellier.

Altrad’s commitment to MHR extends to the CSR and citizen engagement initiatives including the development of a dedicated training centre. These initiatives allow rugby players of all ages and abilities to pursue excellence, in sport, academically and within society.

MHR Website

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