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The Altrad BMD 4-wheel drive MiniDumper is ideal for transporting all types of loads on any terrain.



  • Ability to climb steep gradients of up to 45 degree inclines. Usable in 2 or 4-wheel drive
  • Easy to operate and fast for very high productivity
  • Ideal for small spaces, fits through doorways
  • Easy to move around and to turn
  • Gearbox with 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear
  • Tyres for any terrain for easy use on any type of ground
  • Faster than a tracked dumper
  • Engine model HONDA GXV160 5.5 horsepower, compliance with the latest anti-pollution norms
  • Lowering the central wheel shifts from 2 to 4-wheel drive.
  • The low skip allows for direct dumping from standard mixers

The BMD is available with 4 options: flatbed, ramp, larger low-pressure tyres, double towing attachment: ball mount and hook. Minidumper options increase its multi-purpose capacity.

The Minidumper is marketed under the BELLE trademark.






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