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Vibrating pokers and converters



A vast range of high-performance, high-quality vibrating pokers for concrete compacting:

  • Portable electric vibrating pokers
  • High frequency vibrating pokers with built-in converter
  • High frequency electric vibrating pokers
  • High frequency converters
  • Mechanical vibrating pokers
  • Pneumatic vibrating pokers


Features of the range:

High frequency vibrating pokers

  • High compaction rate
  • Vibrating pokers available with built-in converter
  • Optimal efficiency
  • 5m abrasion resistant hose


42V high frequency converters

  • 2 models available for use with BGN or BGN turbo pokers
  • Very reliable 42v 200Hz 3ph supply
  • Steel protection frame
  • Compatible with 50 or 60 Hz supply


Portable electric pokers

  • Lightweight, powerful power units
  • Suitable for small jobs
  • Reinforced hosing extensions


Mechanical and pneumatic pokers

  • Different poker diameters for diverse applications
  • High vibration levels


Mechanical pokers are powered by petrol or diesel engines.


High frequency vibrating pokers and converters are marketed under the Belle trademark.






“A simple concrete mixer also conveys the Altrad image.”