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Altrad group mixers are suitable for materials such as plaster, cement, mortar, tile adhesive, concrete and rendering. They are also available with 1 or 2 speed settings to obtain perfect mixing.
The group’s offering consists of 11 portable electric mixers of 950 Watts to 1800 Watts, and a 2000W compact mixer on wheels.
To be fully equipped:

  • The PROMIX 1800 is delivered with its plastic case containing 2 turbines of 140 and 160mm and 2 extensions.
  • The RW 1800 TWIN is delivered with a double turbine, diameter 220mm.
  • The COMPACT 100 is a compact mixer on wheels, sold under the ATIKA brand with a capacity of 100 litres.
  • Additional tools are available: turbines with 2 and 3 drive belts of different diameters, and with vane type disks

Mixers are marketed under the brands Altrad, Belle and Atika.









“Altrad's greatest wealth is its human capital.”