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Range of hydraulic tools: breakers, disc cutters and water pump used with hydraulic power packs.


Features of hydraulic power packs:

  • 3 times better performance than a pneumatic system.
  • Practical and portable.
  • Delivered with 7 m flexible hoses fitted with non-drip flat faced couplings
  • Flow: 20 and 30 litre/min


Features of breakers:

  • Range of 4 high performance hydraulic breakers for concrete and asphalt breaking, from 14 to 27.5kg
  • Steel tools available


Features of hydraulic disc cutters:

  • Hydraulic high output disc cutter 350mm
  • Cuts concrete, stone, brick, asphalt, paving stones, reinforced concrete
  • Able to cut horizontally and vertically
  • Dry cutting or wet cutting with water supply pipe included
  • Transport trolley optional

Features of hydraulic pumps:

  • High powered: flow 52m3/h
  • Maximum pumping height, 25 m column of water
  • Discharge pipe 10m diameter 50mm, 2’’ optional


Hydraulic power packs and tools are marketed under the Belle trademark.






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