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Duplex roller



Hydrostatic Duplex Rollers TDX 650A and TDX 650 with KUBOTA or YANMAR engines are highly popular among users for compacting all types of ground, and ideal for surfacing with the TDX 650A model

Features :

  • Flush with both sides: Can be used up to the edge of the sidewalk.
  • 2 models:
    - TDX 650A: light and manageable, particularly suitable for asphalt compacting.
    - TDX 650: heavy roller mainly used for earthwork.
  • 2 electric start diesel engines:
    - KUBOTA or YANMAR for the TDX 650A
    - YANMAR for the TDX 650
  • High compaction force 16 kN
  • Easy to use, ergonomic handling position
  • Large capacity water tank: 65 litres, with outer gage.
  • Fold-down, lockable handle for practical storage.
  • Wide vibration supports in rubber to absorb vibration and shocks.
  • Easy maintenance: Drain and refill engine oil without disassembly; easy access to the air filter
  • Classification PV2


Duplex TDX 650A and TDX 650 are sold under the Belle trademark.








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